How To: Use cruise control on the 2010 Toyota 4Runner

Use cruise control on the 2010 Toyota 4Runner

ToyotaUSA shows us a quick video detailing cruise control on the 2010 Toyota 4Runner. Cruise control is standard on all 4Runner models. Behind the lower right side of the steering wheel there are switches for the cruise control. To activate it, press the on/off button at the end of the stock. A green icon will be illuminated on the instrument panel. Accelerate or decelerate to desired speed and push the stock down to set it to that speed. To increase the cruise control speed, move the stock up until the desired speed is reached. To decrease speed, do the opposite. Release the control at the desired speed. To cancel cruise control, pull the stock towards you or push the brakes. You can also turn the system off using the on/off button.

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