How To: Use auto climate controls on a 2010 Toyota 4Runner

Use auto climate controls on a 2010 Toyota 4Runner

On 4Runners equipped with the automatic climate control system, the left and right hand knobs control the temperature settings for the driver's side and passenger's side. To use it, switch on auto mode by pressing the 'auto' switch on the left hand knob so the amber light is illuminated. Then press 'dual' on the right hand knob so its amber light is illuminated. Rotate the left hand and right hand knobs to set your temperatures. The system will maintain those temperatures. If you want the whole interior to be at the same temperature, press the dual switch again so the light goes off. You can also operate the system in manual mode. Select the desired temperature setting using the left hand and right hand knobs. Select the fan speed using the controls in the middle. The system also features front and rear window defrosters. When switched on, the amber light is illuminated. The re-circulation mode can be activated by the button on the instrument panel; this allows faster cabin heating. To help keep windows from fogging on the inside, turn off re-circulation mode after the cabin has reached the desired temperature. There is also a clean air filter located behind the glove box.

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