How To: Break into Your Car to Retrieve Your Keys

Break into Your Car to Retrieve Your Keys

Have you ever locked your keys inside of your car before? I net you have, you've felt the frustration, you've felt the pain, but don't pull out that cell phone just yet... you don't need a locksmith.

This video tutorial will show you step-by-step, how to break into your car to retrieve your keys. You can use a slim jim (like most police officers would) or a coat hanger (like most automobile thieves would). If you use the coat hanger method to get into your vehicle, you're also going to need some large screwdrivers.

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IT's OK? GeezZz Dude Say Somehting More intelligent like...

This video is priceless if you have ever bashed out your window because YOu couldn't get in so KUDOzZz Thanks!


lol reminds me of good old days with my dad.. :) thanks for sharing lol

Cool. And i use to hate metal coat hangers

They also work great as HD antennas

wonderful idea,althogh it does not happen nowadays with remote control keys.

I wish I saw (and practiced) this when I had my (really) old car and locked my keys inside. Cost me $40 to unlock it

first of all don't call a locksmith call the cops but yeah I would do this first before calling them

unless your outside the city limitzZz your screwed because the officerzZz won't aid and help you egt in the car with a slim-jim if you are!!! FYI keep a spare key in your wallet like i have learned to do ALWAYzZz later dayzZz buckaroo i wanna be like You and growwww as tall as you areeeeeeeee! hehe CyazZz ~<(____)~

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