News: Unlock Your Car with a Slim Jim or Coat Hanger

Unlock Your Car with a Slim Jim or Coat Hanger

"After driving onto frozen river, man locks keys in car, engine melts ice." - Detroit Free Press.

Avoid such a fate.

Here is the secret on getting back into your car. All you need is a police-issue slim jim or a wire clothes hanger. The former takes little finagling. It's made to unlock doors with the flick of the wrist. Hangers, on the other hand, take some elbow grease (+ 2 screwdrivers).

Break into your car to retrieve your keys

Thanks goes out to Bob for submitting this gem for Wonder of the Day consideration.

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lol reminds me of good old days with my dad.. :) thanks for sharing lol

Thanks For sharing, Good Article.

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