How To: Operate the windshield wipers in a 2010 Prius

Operate the windshield wipers in a 2010 Prius

Toyota USA provides this quick video guide to show you how to use the windshield wipers in the 2010 Prius. If you want to control the wipers and washers, take the following steps: To operate the wipers, move the right hand stalk up for a single wipe, or move it down to activate the intermittent setting. Move the stalk down one more position to select a slow and constant wiper mode. One more down pull selects the fast wiper mode. Pulling the entire stalk towards you will activate the windshield washers. The rear window wiper's controls are located at the end of the right hand stalk. Twist the know downward to wipe and wash the rear window. Turning it upward will cause intermittent wipes. Turn it up once more for steady operation, and one more applies windshield washer to the glass.

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Seems to me the "off" position should not be in the middle, but at one end. For the front, I don't use the up "single wipe", since touching the down "interval wipe" once does the same thing. So "off" can be at top end. I rarely use the rear wiper, but last night turned it on by mistake, and could not turn it off when I tried twisting that ring to one end or the other. Who would think to twist to a middle location to turn off? The "off" should be at the end, not the middle.

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