Quick Tip: Pointing Your Car Remote at Your Head Increases Its Range

Pointing Your Car Remote at Your Head Increases Its Range

Keyless entry remotes are great, but they don't always work how you want them to. One of the most common complaints is that they just don't reach far enough, and there's nothing more annoying when you can't remember where you parked. After all, what's the point of having "remote" entry if you have to be right next to the car for it to work?

Surprisingly, the key to fixing this is actually in your head. If you touch the remote to your head while pressing the button, you can unlock your car from a further distance. For even better results, hold it under your chin and open your mouth.

According to radio engineer Tim Pozar, you're essentially turning your skull into an antenna. The fluids in your head make it a good enough conductor to actually increase the range of your key fob.

Still skeptical? Watch the video below to see the trick in action.

So, if you want to make your car remote more effective, just use your head. You may get some funny looks, but it just might save you a trip outside the next time your car alarm goes off.

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I've done this for years and my friends always look at me funny, gives you an extra boost!

This was demonstrated by Jeremy Clarkson on Top Gear in the UK... Used frequently since!

been doing this since 1996 open or closed mouth works the same...one looks less stupid.

Very nice! Who would have "Thunk it."

If you form some aluminum foil inside your baseball cap put it on your head and hold the remote under your chin while bending over looking between your legs at your car (that is pointing your dish and chin at the car) you can increase the distance to just over 450 feet!! The dish shaped ball cap acts as a reflector and concentrates the signal into a beam.... I don't know if this would actually work but I thought I would put the idea into someones head.... lol These little remotes do generate almost 3 watts. Let us know how well it works... I want pictures and a video please... You could also just hold the remote in front of the dish ball cap... however the video would not be as much fun ....smile

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