How To: Choose the safest possible parking space

Choose the safest possible parking space

Cars are expensive to buy, replace or repair. Check out this video and learn how to avoid the most statistically dangerous parking areas. There is no guarantee that no one will touch your vehicle, but by take precautions you are much less likely to be targeted.
You Will Need
* A car
* A parking lot
* A parking garage
* Valet parking lot

Step 1: Choose a highly visible location
Park your car in a well-lit and highly visible location. Thieves and vandals are deterred by light and the presence of large volumes of traffic.
Lock your car doors and remove your valuables from plain sight. Set your car alarm, if you have one, and display car alarm stickers on your window.

Step 2: Avoid the most crowded parking areas
Avoid the most crowded parking areas. This prevents your car from becoming hidden between other cars and reduces the chance that it will become a target for thieves.

Step 3: Do not leave your car unattended for long periods of time
Do not leave your car in an unattended parking lot for an extended period of time. Most car thefts occur at street-level parking places that allow for quick getaways. Multi-level parking garages with pay booths offer better security. Valet parking lots are safest.

Step 4: Make a single trip to your car with purchased items
Carry all purchased items to your car at the same time, even if you are shopping at several stores. You are more likely to attract attention if you make several trips to your car.

Did you know? A vehicle is five times more likely to be stolen from an unattended parking lot than from the street or an attended lot.

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