How To: Pair a phone through Bluetooth with a 2010 Prius

Pair a phone through Bluetooth with a 2010 Prius

Learn how to pair a phone through Bluetooth with a 2010 Prius in simple steps. 1. You can connect your phone to the vehicle through Bluetooth without using any wires. 2. Press the 'Info Phone' button on the right side of the display screen, press 'Phone' now and press 'Yes' when prompted. 3. Now enter the pass code when prompted on your phone to pair it successfully. 4. You can pair more than a single phone by using the same process but you can use only one at a time. 5. You can also transfer the contacts from your phone by pressing the 'Contacts' option. 6. You can even add speed dials by saving the contacts to the speed dial list. 7. Press the voice command button on the steering and voice out 'Phone' to get a list of dialing options to use.

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My 2010 Prius does have a display screen. Why doesn't this include info on how to connect to cars like mine?

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