How To: Safely drive a manual car

Safely drive a manual car

Before driving your car make sure that you put your seat belt on. There are three peddles in a car with a manual transmission. The first one on the left is the clutch. The next peddle is the brake. The peddle to the right is the gas peddle. The next thing you need to understand is the shifter. The transmission will have a number of gears, usually 4 or 5, with reverse. Make sure you study the gear pattern on the shift knob so that you know where each of the gears are when you are shifting as your drive. To start the car put the shifter in the neutral position. Press on both the clutch and the brake and turn the key to start the car. Once the car is started release the hand brake. With the clutch fully pressed put the car in first gear. Start letting off the clutch as you press the gas. For first gear you will want to keep the rpm's around 1500-2000. To change gears press the clutch and let off the gas. When the car is in the desired gear slowly let off the clutch and press the gas again. The first couple of times you try to shift gears you will mess up but as you practice it will get easier and you will do better. Enjoy driving your manual car, they are a lot of fun.

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Gotta be an idiot if your an adult and can't drive stick shift, with a rare few exceptions.

I think it's more than a "rare few exceptions". How many families own manuals versus automatics? Probably not many. In America automatic transmissions dominate over manuals on the market, especially in the multitasking world of today where people want freedom in the car. They may not be cheaper, but parents tend to consider them safer, so most youth end up learning with an automatic. And there's a significant number of households with only one vehicle, so it's not a matter of choice—they learn with what they have. There's probably a ton of "adults" who know how to use a manual, but there's also tons of adults who know only how to use an automatic.

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