How To: Break up a traffic jam

Break up a traffic jam

Sometimes a single driver can vastly improve traffic. Drive like a trucker: keep a large space ahead of your car. This can erase the patterns of stop-and-go driving (wipe out the Traffic Waves.) It can also break up the clogged merge-zones at certain highway exit ramps.

Also your daily commute becomes a Zen-likeexperience. No more rage-fest. See

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You are sooo right!!! YES, IT REALLY WORKS!!! ONLY IDIOTS don't get it!!! This should be taught in all driving schools!!! I do this all the time here in Australia, and it works most of the time! I have traveled many countries, and must say that Australians are the most STUPID and AGGRESSIVE drivers on the planet!!!!

This makes a lot of sense but I can't help but wonder if the people behind you get super mad when you leave that much empty space in front of you? As a Washington DC area commuter, I think I would get honked at A LOT. I do think this would definitely help the traffic in front of you but piss off the people behind you. Especially if you are going super slow in the left lane of say a 5 lane highway. It is worth a shot though

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