How To: Avoid rear-end collisions

Avoid rear-end collisions

Accidents are the worst. They're costly, time consuming and an all around pain in the butt. Rear-end collisions are among the most common types of accidents on the road. Take these simple precautions to avoid a rear-end collision.

You Will Need:
• A well-maintained vehicle
• An observant eye

Step 1: Maintain your vehicle
Check your brakes, tires, and suspension each year. Besides working brakes, your car needs good tire traction and a tight suspension to stop properly.

Step 2: Look ahead
Look ahead to anticipate traffic slowdowns and stops. Watch for brake lights, and look beyond the cars directly in front of you.

Step 3: Look behind
Keep an eye on traffic behind you, too. Lose tailgaters by changing lanes or slowly decelerating until they pass.

Step 4: Keep pace
Keep pace with traffic. Avoid driving much slower or faster than the other cars on the road.

Step 5: Follow the two-second rule
Leave enough room ahead for a sudden stop. Notice when the car in front passes a fixed object, such as a road sign. If you reach the same point before you can count to two slowly, you are following too closely.

Step 6: Signal and brake early
Give the drivers behind you plenty of notice before you turn, change lanes, or slow down. When traffic ahead slows, tap your brakes to alert the cars behind. Then brake gently and smoothly. Don't slam on the brakes.

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