How To: Avoid speeding tickets

Avoid speeding tickets

Speeding tickets are one of the worst things a driver fears on the highway, aside from wrecking, of course. But you can get home safe without getting a ticket. You just need to keep your vehicle off the radar by following these stealthy driving techniques.

You Will Need
* A well-maintained vehicle
* Driving strategies
* A radar detector

Step 1: Keep car in working condition
Keep your car in good working condition. Check it periodically for broken headlights and taillights, and check your license plate for obstructions.

Avoid driving flashy, expensive vehicles or loud, damaged vehicles, which could make you a highway patrol target.

Step 2: Drive same speed
Drive the same speed as accompanying traffic.

Step 3: Avoid being the lead car
Place yourself in the middle of a clump of traffic. Avoid being the first or last speeding vehicle.

Step 4: Watch for brake lights
Watch for people hitting their brakes in front of you. It is a good indicator that there could be a police car or an accident ahead.

Step 5: Drive in the middle lane
Drive in the middle lane. Use the left lane only to pass.

Step 6: Invest in radar detector
Invest in a quality radar detector if they are legal in your state.

Step 7: Do not speed
Remember: the easiest way to avoid a speeding ticket (and stay safe!) is to drive the speed limit and always wear your seat belt.

The most common offense an aggressive driver commits is speeding.

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