How To: Pair phones to a 2010 Toyota 4Runner navigation system

Pair phones to a 2010 Toyota 4Runner navigation system

In a 2010 Toyota 4Runner, you can connect your phone to the car via Bluetooth. To do this, make sure the car is stopped. Then click the info button next to the navigation screen. Press "Phone" and confirm that you want to connect a new phone. Press "Add New". The car's system will begin searching for Bluetooth devices. Make sure that your device's Bluetooth feature is on. When prompted, enter the code on the car's navigation screen into your phone. A message that says "Bluetooth connection successful" should appear. If you want to connect another phone, press the info button again, and press "Connect Phone." Then click "Add New" and repeat the above process. At most, four phones can be connected. However, only once phone can be used through the hands-free calling feature, which should be the driver's.

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Bluetooth connects,then next day won't connect even at same location. Can this be overcome

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