How To: Drive a car equipped with a manual transmission

Drive a car equipped with a manual transmission

Driving a car equipped with a manual transmission is the topic of this video. There are 3 pedals on the floor. From left the right, the three pedals are clutch, brake and gas. Study the diagram on the top of the gear shift. It looks like a three legged "H". Gears 1,3,5 are on the top. Gears 2,4,reverse are on the bottom. The cross in the "H" is neutral. Make sure the park brake is engaged. Press down on the clutch pedal and move gear shift to neutral. Start the car. Put the shift in first gear. Apply foot brake and release parking brake. Release foot brake when ready to start moving. Release clutch pedal slowly. When you hear the engine slow down, slowly press down on the gas pedal and continue to release the clutch. Accelerate until 3000 rpm. Release the gas, press the clutch and shift into second gear. Release the clutch/press the gas. Repeat shifting process each time you reach 3000 rpm until you reach the appropriate speed. Press clutch, shift one gear lower, release clutch slowly and press the brake. Stop car by downshifting to second gear and applying brakes. Apply clutch just before the car stops. Don't downshift into first. Drive in reverse by following the same steps as start in, in first gear. Reverse engages quickly. Release clutch slowly and apply gas as soon as the car starts to move.

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