How To: Drive a manual car

Drive a manual car

This is a presentation from WatchMojo detailing the operation of a manual/standard automobile. Explanation includes the placement of pedals listed from left to right as the clutch, the brake, and the gas. There is also an explanation on the gearshift which includes a diagram of where gears are located. Explanation for the beginning of driving includes instructions as follows; ensuring that the ground is flat, the application of the parking brake, the process of depressing the clutch, placing the gearshift into neutral, and starting the vehicle. After starting the vehicle, keep the clutch depressed while moving the gearshift into neutral. Press the foot brake down and release the parking brake. When ready to begin moving, release the foot brake. Slowly release the clutch and when the engine slows down press the gas slowly while continuing to release the clutch. Continue acceleration until the car reaches three-thousand RPM, when this occurs remove foot from gas and depress clutch, and move gearshift from first to second gear. Now release the clutch and gently press upon the gas, this process must be done each time the vehicle reaches three-thousand RPM. Additional instruction includes the process of shifting into further gears. For the purpose of down shifting, release the gas pedal, press down the clutch, and shift into neutral then the next lowest gear. Once shifted into the lower gear, release the clutch slowly while braking. To stop the vehicle, down shift to second gear and apply brakes. Press the clutch just before the car stops, do not down shift into first gear. To drive in reverse, follow same instructions as entering into first gear. Note, reverse kicks in faster than first gear and requires a faster response.

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