How To: Drive a manual transmission (stick shift) car

Drive a manual transmission (stick shift) car

This automotive video tutorial will show you the steps on how to properly drive a manual transmission car.

This lesson is assuming that you already know how to drive an automatic transmission vehicle before attempting to drive a stick. Having made this assumption, it will make one more. This lesson assumes that you already know what a steering wheel, a gas pedal, and a brake are. Even though this is assumed, you will still see where they are in the truck or car, to be safe.

If you don't know, the gas pedal makes your engine go vroom, vroom. Your steering wheel will turn your automotive either left or right. Your brake will stop your auto from going any further, or simply slow it down.

There's only one thing to be sure of when learning to drive a stick shift car, and that's that you will stall it out at least once. Your engine will turn off, your heart rate will climb... you'll feel like an idiot.

If you want to know everything else about driving a manual transmission automobile, then just watch, will you?

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