How To: Use the paddle shifter in the 2010 Ford Flex

Use the paddle shifter in the 2010 Ford Flex

Not sure what a paddle shifter is? Well, if you own the 2010 Ford Flex, you are at least aware of its existence. You can switch your vehicle from automatic transmission to manual transmission in the 2010 Flex, and there's these things on the steering wheel called paddle shifters, which allow you to shift between gears without ever taking your hands off the wheel. Learn how to use them.

This is a huge safety feature! If you're in a dangerous, slippery situation on ice and you do not want to slam on your brakes, simply shift into manual and downshift with the paddles and your engine will brake instead of you slamming on the brakes. Also it can be very fun to shift gears and accelerate at your choosing!

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