News: Pop a wheelie on a sport bike

Pop a wheelie on a sport bike

Wheelie popping.

Whether you're cruising on a Schwinn or a suped up Suzuki-- the physics are the same. Balance.

The world record for fastest wheelie is held by a UK biker.

The Guinness Book of World Records recounts his break.

"The highest speed attained on the back wheel of a motorcycle is 191.3 mph by Patrick Fürstenhoff on a Honda Super Blackbird 1100 cc Turbo at Bruntingthorpe Proving Ground, Leicestershire, England, on 18 April 1999. This record was shown on Guinness World Records, UK in 1999."

Pop a wheelie on a sportbike

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Content is good. Vid production a little week w/uneven sound editing.

any idea why he's wearing that little backpack?

backpack: hmmm sounds like the mic?

I want a supermotard...

he suks d1ck

very easy <a href=""> Motorcycle Parts </a>

Very Informative instructions are clear and makes it look easy.

"too much too soon means you get hurt"
hahahahaha this is true kids.

this is not very big thing to do give me supar bike i cAN also do

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