How To: Start and ride a motorcycle with the basics

Start and ride a motorcycle with the basics

Learn the basic concepts to starting and riding a motorcycle! The motorcycle in this video is a Kawasaki Ninja model.

To start the bike, you will first need to know how the bike works and where all the different parts are at. You should know where the clutch, turn signals, horn, ignition, brakes, and all other features are located at. Once you know this, you will get onto the motorcycle and hold the front brake in, then kick up the kickstand. Put your key in and turn your bike on, then make sure it's in neutral. After this, pull the clutch, kick it down to first, and let out the clutch to go! Start slowly so you can get a feel for the bike, then enjoy taking off and riding.

* You should also practice the friction zone stuff first, before trying to takeoff.

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