How To: Ride a motorcyle for the first time

Ride a motorcyle for the first time

This video will show you how to ride a motorcycle the first time you are using it both on the street and on the freeway. Before you begin, the left handle is the clutch, much like the clutch and changing gears for a car. Your left foot will be responsible for changing the gears by moving a lever upwards to shift up and downwards to shift down. The right side has the front brake in the handle and the rear brake by the foot pedal. Hold the clutch down as you start your motorcycle as you kick down with your left foot and turn the throttle on your right hand. In order to stop, you should hold the clutch down and hold down your right foot on the rear brake. In order to change gears, you should hold down the clutch while moving your foot to change the gears up or down. By following these simple steps, you should have the basics to riding a motorcycle for the first time.

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