How To: Convince your parents to buy you a car

Convince your parents to buy you a car

Tired of walking everywhere? Does your only ride have two wheels and a bell? Check out this video and learn tips and tricks for convincing your parental units to buy you a car. Pretty soon you will be cruising through town and the envy of all your friends.
You Will Need
* Gas, insurance, maintenance, and registration money
* A contract
* A computer with internet access
* Research (optional)

Step 1: Discuss safety issues
Discuss the safety issues of walking or riding a bike near a busy intersection as opposed to driving safely in a car.

Step 2: Discuss money issues
Remind your parents how much gas and time they will save by not carting you around.

Step 3: Offer to pay
Offer to take on part of the financial burden of owning a car such as paying for insurance, maintenance costs, and registration fees.
Research the financial responsibility of car ownership and the types of cars that are the most reliable and cheapest to maintain.

Step 4: Offer to help
Offer to run errands, go to the store, or shuttle siblings to and from appointments and activities.

Step 5: Create a contract
Create a contract in which you and your parents agree to a driving curfew, passenger rules, and consequences of not following the rules.
Post the contract in plain view to remind both parties of their responsibilities.

Step 6: Find insurance discounts
Use the internet to find insurance discounts that reward student performance and negotiate with them to keep your grades up and get a your very own car at the same time.

Did you know? A 2003 survey found that 40 percent of parents buy new cars because of the birth of a child.

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