How To: Save gas

Save gas

Learn how to save gas, the secret the oil companies and car manufacturers don't want you to know about! This how-to video explains common causes for your car to be sapping gas faster than it should, how to make some simple adjustments, and maximize your gas. Don't be a slave to high gas prices or go into debt buying a hybrid car you can't afford. Learn how to double your gas mileage the KipKay way by watching this instructional video.

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good video

why would car manufacturers not want you to change spark plugs and remove excess weight? he didnt do anything special and made up the numbers. acetone will not give an extra 10 mpg. people are so gullible

Acetone is extremely harsh on fuel delivery components of a car.

Only an idiot or someone with a huge wallet would put that in their cars gas tank at any fuel savings.

great comments - aside from removing the spare. it's not the track - a car weighs 3,000 pounds - removing the spare isn't going to help THAT much and it could leave you in a heap of trouble.... stranded on I-5 waiting 3 hours for a tow??

i'm going to buy some acetone!

This guy makes some cool vids.

If you watched the episode of Mythbusters they tested just this, you wil know that acetone does squat to your mileage...

@pigeon- I agree ditching the spare is a dumb idea since the autoclub doesn't offer free replacement tires. I got a flat on my RV without a spare in BFE and had to be towed to a tire shop where I was expertly overcharged. Bad Advice there kip.

Also, turning your car on and off all the time will probably ensure that you'll need a new starter much faster which is pretty costly. I imagine that something like the Prius has a special starter for this reason.

All of the additions and fixes he does to his car cost money and must be done pretty often to maintain that good mileage. If I wasn't lazy and did the math, I bet I could prove that hes spending about the same amount of money on all those expensive replacement parts as he's making up in gas mileage.

I run my car on pure acetone, btw.

Love these videos... As always this is extremely clever, helpful, and easy to do... Now i do have to agree with Andyfox and Pigeonchicken on the tire thing, but i think the point of this video was to show that a spare tire is something that could be taken out without the most dire of consequences for those who actually would want to.

Not sure the acetone is a good idea. It may increase your performance, but it also heats up the combustion to higher than the engine was designed for. It also would increase your compression ratio, which could easily result in knock or detonation, which destroys pistons. (As in blows holes through them).
As for the replacement parts, that's also probably he's gonna need replacements.
As for the weight, it does make a difference, as does tire pressure, by dropping 300 lbs and getting your tires inflated properly you could easily boost 2-3 mpg while driving just like you did before...

Weight reduction works, it only makes a small difference though like most common car modifications IEH intake, exhaust, header for example. The biodiesel conversions I have seen look interesting...

kipkay is a genius everyone is right! now at about $6 bucks i'm going to start doing this. I wonder if acetone works with biodiesel too :) anyway great video A+ ;D

Maybe you should consider getting something more economical anyhow 17 MPG is a real gas guzzler.We in the Uk arepaying for your pollution because the USA wont sign up to the Kyoto treaty.Anyhow you think your gas is expensive try the Uk it is presently ...$10.3747 USD a gallon. We arepaying for YOUR Pollution

lol call the waaambulance!!

Ok He makes kool vids kids!!(`~`) But has ANYONE TRIED it??(.%) The acetone???

illegal in vietnam

great idea useing acetone, keeps me in a job repairing your engines which its going to cost you a lot more .

every one is right, if not done properly acetone could destroy your car. proper tire preasure and repalceing the air filter and things are supost to be checked anyway. And its a good thing the U.S. isn't getting any polution from the UK, we are busy makeing our own and wraping it up in little boxes with preaty ribbons and sending it over to the UK. Seriously, get off your high horse.

ya!! ribbons wrapped around morsels of british smog!!! us shats on canada and arctic, we got everything to be hypocritical about.


And if you can't form a simple sentence you are a dummy.


I won't dignify that with a response.

rather removing the spare helps that much or not, the point is that it helps some. some might me all it takes to get better mpg.

Air up the tires (10% over recmnd)run ALL synthetic lubricants (oil ,trans and rear)remove 'stupid' weight (keep you damn spare)and you will save at least 10% and in some cases 20%. In VERY carefully controlled tests, acetone did nothing for my car in 60 days. Acetone also creates additional heat in the combustion chamber, which creates more NOx. Which is BAD!

where you can find acetone

Much interesting!

Bloody Pikey, just get a smaller car instead of a yanky gas guzzling 5.5 litre v12 ford that has a top speed of 70mph and weighs the same as a small country.

acetone is my friend.

one best tip to save gas: try to stay in your lane because each time you change lanes to pass another car on the highway, you waste gas because you have to accelerate to pass and then usually have to step on the brake to avoid hitting the vehicle in front of you when you get back into the lane.

only if youre driving skills are good enough to use the DRAFT/vacuum technique while on the highway. but either way you end up burning gas. my advice is to be soft on the pedal when going high speeds. it all comes down to controlling a heavy foot.

this video is for suckers. why take the risk for those that dont know the mechanics of a vehicle. stock parts to any cars never lose in the long run.

The real cheap way to use less gas is a Vacuum gage.

A Vacuum gage. Simple and not much money. The Vacuum gage measures intake manifold Vacuum.

it is good, i like it

vow its gas called u iz PETROL

erm with all the stuff that needs to be taken out and changed, u end up spending more money than what gas is worth, more effort too, i would rather be broke and without gas thatn baking in the heat because my air conditioning, noone is gonna follow this as it takes too much effort to keep it up

okay well acetone can ruin your car(:

change the air filter to save fuel and to check tire air pressure, the more logical move also motor fuel 3000rpm i will spend most logical way for this high gear low rpm
2. proposed to use LPG instead of petrol and LPG gas turkey between the 3 / 1 ratio of the difference in price has

What a joke...I own a scan gauge and use it regularly. tank to tank I see swings of 5 or more MPG. In the last ten tanks of gas My mileage has been between 12MPG and 20MPG.

Don't believe everything you hear!
Research it first, acetone is corrosive to rubber such as the O-Rings and Gaskets in your car. A blown gasket will do more than just bog down your gas mileage.


Do your research. Acetone hasn't been proven to improve results. Document your statistics. It has been tested by several accredited organizations. Yours...not so much.


Acetone is extremely harsh on fuel delivery components of a car.

Only an idiot or someone with a huge wallet would put that in their cars gas tank at any fuel savings.

Simply put:
1- Check your tires, probably the BIGGEST thing people overlook. It is quite the money saver.
2- Cruise control saves you SOME gas on LONG distances; the more you change speed, the more stress and work you put on your engine. Keeping it at one flat rate makes it easier on the system and you won't keep going over/under.


good, like it

Did you know this pure acetone eats up fuel lines also. Bet you did not know that.

I like smell of acetone on the morning

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