How To: Get out of a speeding ticket with Officer Brian

Get out of a speeding ticket with Officer Brian

If you do get stopped pull over to the right and make sure you are off the road. If it is at night turn your interior lights on. Keep your hands on top of the steering wheel until the officer tells you what to do. If he asks you do you know why I stopped you always answer no. He will then ask for your drivers license, registration, and insurance. If it is in your glove box or your wallet tell him what you are going to do. This shows respect for the officer. Before he goes back to his car make sure that you ask him for a break. Just ask him, officer do you think it's possible that you could give me a break this time? Ask if he could give you a verbal or written warning. Once he leaves the side of your car to go back to his you are most likely getting a ticket. If he does give you a ticket, sign the ticket. You are not admitting guilt you are just agreeing to appear in court or pay the fine. If you refuse to sign you will go to jail. When the court date arrives don't go to court, instead apply for an extension. That extends the time that you pay for the ticket to 8 weeks. A lot can happen in 8 weeks. The officer may be transferred or on vacation. If he comes to court ask him if there is anything that he can do to help you with the ticket. He can dismiss it right there if he wants to. If he doesn't want to dismiss it when you go before the judge the officer will go first and tell what happened. When it's your turn tell the judge why he should believe you and ask the officer questions. Ask when the radar was last calibrated and whether he has the certifications. Ask how he knows it was you that he stopped. Ask for any unique identifications that he remembers. You are trying to establish doubt. If the judge feels any doubt about the ticket he will dismiss it. If you are found guilty ask for leniency. It's important to ask. You won't get it if you don't ask.

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