News: New Super Hybrid Kicks Tesla Motors' Butt

New Super Hybrid Kicks Tesla Motors' Butt

Capstone's CMT-380 stealth looking prototype can hit 150mph, compared to Tesla's 125. Tesla better step it up.

Says Engadget:

"Rather than mixing batteries and a conventional engine, this whip combines the former with a diesel / biodiesel-powered microturbine, which is -- for all intents and purposes -- a jet engine. Reportedly, the car can reach 60MPH from a standstill in just 3.9 seconds, hit 150MPH before being cut off by the electronic limiter, cruise 80 miles on battery power alone and drive from Idaho Falls to Spokane on just a single tank of fuel... Plan on the estimated asking price being north of $200,000..."

Image gallery below, click through for more from Autoblog Green.

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Insanely cool but also insanely expensive (even when comparing it to Tesla). One clear advantage of this car is you can actually take it to the track. Once you run out of juice in Tesla (Top Gear, anyone?) you'll need a plug and a few hours to recharge.

I love the looks of this car. One thing that weirds me out about all these high end hybrids/electric cars is the single gear. Isn't shifting part of the fun? Can you drift in these cars?

Totally agree about shifting. I can't imagine how any car with that much power can be more fun without a manual tranny. I think if it's RWD it should be able to drift quite easily with all that torque. Managing that power nicely is a different story tho...

looks like their going for the batmobile look.... sweet ...

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