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LA Auto Show: VW Does Infotainment the Right Way

The 2015 LA Auto Show showcases the best of the auto industry—well, at least according to car companies. Increases in horsepower, better fuel economy, and most importantly—the latest tech—is all on display during the 10-day event in Southern California. Once of my first missions at the show was to figure out who is putting the most care and thought into in-cabin electronics, mainly the ones that guide us around and play our music, affectionately known as "infotainment."

News: A Vending Machine for Cars

Ever been wowed by a parking lot? If not, odds are you've never been to the square of St. Stephen's Basilica in central Budapest, home to the world's first fully robotic subterranean parking garage, the Wöhr Multiparker 730. Click through for a video of the Multiparker in action. Previously, Working Bugatti Veyron Built from 10,000 Empty Cigarette Packs.

News: Auto-Unicycle Trumps Segway

Forget the Segway, you don't even have to stand anymore thanks to Honda's U3-X. This self-balancing unicycle relies on an inclinometer instead of gyroscopes to keep the rider balanced. The personal transporter even allows the user to travel forward, back, left, and right thanks to the Honda Omni Traction (HOT) drive system. This automatic unicycle gives a whole new meaning to taking it easy. Check out this CNN video for a further demonstration of the Honda U3-X.

News: Save gas

Listen to KipKay. He's quite the crafty how-to guru. Suggestions vary from adding acetone to your gas tank (a practice banned in Vietnam for it's damage to engines) to emptying your trunk of all it's unnecessary junk. Save gas.

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