How To: Wear a seat belt properly

Wear a seat belt properly

Seat belts save lives… but are you wearing yours the right way? Size up yours for a safe ride.
You Will Need:
* A seatbelt
* Knowledge of proper use
* An aftermarket restraint or extender (optional)
* Professional installation (optional)

Step 1: Pull belt across body
Sit in any of your vehicle's seats and secure the three-point harness in its buckle by pulling it across your body.

If the seatbelt is too short, consider an aftermarket restraint and extender. Make sure they meet federal safety standards and are installed professionally.

Step 2: Adjust lower belt
Adjust the lower belt snuggly across your lap and pelvis area – never your stomach.

Pregnant women should wear the lap belt below their belly, not on or above it.

Step 3: Adjust shoulder belt
Adjust the shoulder belt to fit comfortably across the collarbone and chest. It should never rub on your neck or face. Never put the shoulder belt behind your back or under your arm.

Step 4: Check before driving
Check that the belt is secure before driving.

Fact: New Hampshire is the only state without a seat belt law.

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