How To: Maintain your RV furnace

Maintain your RV furnace

Watch this quick RV tutorial video to find out how to maintain or repair your furnace. All of the items shown are simple steps you can do yourself. Some motor homes have two furnaces and some have one. They should be located on one of the sides of the unit. In the shape of a medium sized rectangle. This compartment will also have a grill and it does stay hot. In order to open it up, remove the screws, remove the first door, and then there will be another one that just comes down as well. Then you will be at the control board located usually to the left of the compartment, you will also see your blower motor and your burner. First thing you want to do is check the connection on the control board and make sure there is no build up or corrosion. If there is you can take your canned air and clean it out, then just plug it back in and see if it works then. If it doesn't you want to go to your igniter and make sure it has a good connection and follow across and start checking all your connections and make sure they are all tight and secure. Blow air into your burner assembly to get all the buildup out. Then you want to test it again. If you hear a clicking noise it means that igniter is trying to light. If there is no clicking noise then more than likely you have a bad igniter or a bad board and you can pick up those parts and change them out yourself. If it is clicking and not lighting you need to take it in and have it looked at by a professional. So check out this instructional RV video and learn how to maintain your RV furnace.

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