How To: Drift your car with ease

Drift your car with ease

In this video tutorial, viewers learn how to drift a car. Viewers will learn 3 different ways of drifting. The first ways is the handbrake turn. Begin by building up speed in the first gear, swing the wheel over sharply, pull the handbrake, dip the clutch and release the handbrake. The second way is the 90 degree turn. Begin by driving in the second gear, nip the handbrake as you approach the turn, opposite lock and accelerate out of the slide. The third way is the handbrake turn into the reverse flip. It is the same as the handbrake turn, except you accelerate speed while in reverse gear and shift back to forwards. This video will benefit those viewers who have a vehicle, and would like to learn how to drift because they are interested in stunts and danger.

Drift your car with ease

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