How To: Be safe driving in the mountains

Be safe driving in the mountains

Worried about your driving on that next family trip through the mountains? If you love the mountains but worry about the dangers of driving in them, check out these ideas to help make your trip easier and more enjoyable.

You Will Need:
• Gas
• Drinking water
• Warm clothes
• A spare tire
• Tire-changing equipment
• Map

Step 1: Prepare your vehicle
Start your trip with a full tank of gas. Run a check on your brakes, wiper fluid, heater, tire pressure, and defroster.

Step 2: Pack your vehicle
Bring extra drinking water to prevent altitude sickness. Bring warm clothes and make sure you have a spare tire and the proper tools for changing one.

Step 3: Know where you're going
Bring a detailed map of the area. GPS and online map sites can be vague or can falter when referring to remote roads.

Step 4: Maintain proper speed
Maintain a safe speed and downshift when going downhill, rather than using your brakes to control your downhill speed. Use a lower gear for more power when going uphill.

Step 5: Take breaks and stay alert
Take frequent breaks along the way. Mountain driving can be tiring, so allow yourself time to rest and take in the scenery.

Trivia: One of every two people on the planet depends on mountain water.

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