How To: Get turn by turn directions with Ford SYNC

Get turn by turn directions with Ford SYNC

If you have just purchased a new Ford Taurus, you may have noticed the new SYNC feature. SYNC is a GPS built right into your dashboard. If this is your first time using a global positioning system, you may need a few pointers. Check out this video and learn how to access step by step directions and get where you need to go.

You Will Need

* 2010 Ford Taurus with SYNC

Step 1: Get directions

Rely on SYNC for detailed directions. Simply say "Services" to dial into the voice-activated network, and then "Directions." Then, just speak your destination. The system provides spoken, turn-by-turn directions over the audio system. It can also access a location you've already programmed.

Step 2: Find a place without an address
If you're heading to a business but don't know its exact address, just say the name, and SYNC will point you in the right direction. You can even search for a type of business near your current location, and SYNC will offer the closest options.

Step 3: Get the lay of the land

Bypass traffic, avoid road closures, and get the lowdown on detours with personalized updates. Just say "Services" and then "Traffic," and you'll receive a real-time report broadcast over your vehicle's audio system. You can also set personalization features to text you traffic alerts for destinations that you program in beforehand. Knowing about potential hazards beforehand can save you time and aggravation.

Step 4: Stay connected

Stay connected with personalized weather conditions and forecasts, news updates, and sports reports — all using easy voice commands. You never know what might affect your route.

Step 5: Stay safe in an accident

Stay safe. In the event of an accident, SYNC automatically contacts 911 when the airbag is deployed so the vehicle's occupants can communicate with the emergency operator.

Step 6: Drive with confidence

Wherever you're headed, set out secure in the knowledge Ford can help you get there — quickly and safel

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